Some edible K-delights from Korea…

Since January of this year all our Collectors have received various products ranging from stationeries, home decor, DIY to skincare. This month we bring you goodies that are edible. That’s right! It’s Korean snacks! Try our curation of K-snacks ranging from biscuits, seeds, jelly, seaweed and more.

Product 01:

Yo~Hi! Yogurt Cream Biscuit Sandwich

Brand: Lotte
Type: #Sandwich Crackers #Biscuits #Cream Filling
Amount: 36 Biscuits Sandwiches per pack
Weight: 222 g
Total Calories: 1140 kcal
11 different packaging variations | Collectors will randomly receive 1 pack

If you’ve tuned in to the 2nd season of Mnet’s Produce 101, you’ll know that the new established group ‘Wanna One’ has debuted. All 11 members are now endorsing Lotte’s Yo~Hi. It’s a munchy biscuit sandwich with yogurt cream icing in the middle. Check out the commercial here Vers. 1 and Vers. 2

Product 02:

Line Rangers Choco Kit

Brand: Haetae (해태)
Type: #Cookies #Chocolate Icing #DIY
Amount: 5 Cookies per pack
Weight: 39 g
Total Calories: 202 kcal
5 different variations | Collectors will randomly receive 1 pack

This snack box is a DIY cookie set. It comes with two tubes of chocolate icings, 5 pieces of cookies and 5 different imprints of Line Friends characters. First, squeeze the chocolate icing into the character imprints. Then place the cookies on the top. Finally, leave mini cookie tray in the freezer for 10 minutes and it’s done!

Product 03:

Dr. You KIDS | Milk and Rice Biscuits

Brand: Orion (오리온)
Type: #Cookies #Biscuits
Amount: 12 Cookies per pack
Weight: 62 g
Calorie: 154 kcal (per each cookie)
Collectors will receive 1 pack

The lack of flour is what makes this biscuit special. Instead of flour it is substituted with 100% high quality rice. It was initially for children who are allergic to flour, but due to it’s great taste and flavor, everyone in Korea is enjoying it regardless of their age.

Product 04:

Crispy Seaweed and Almond Snack

Brand: Pulmuone
Type: #seaweed #almond #rice
Weight: 20 g
Total Calorie: 90 kcal
Collectors will receive 1

If you adore Korean seaweed, then you’ll love this snack. The crispy texture of the seaweed compliments very well with the flavors of the sliced roasted almond and the toasted rice sprinkles (placed between two layers of seaweed).

Product 05:

Korean Chestnuts

Brand: CJ Food & Confectionary
Usage: #snacking chestnuts
Amount: 80 g
Total Calorie: 130 kcal
Collectors will receive 1 pack

Chestnuts are Korean’s childhood snacks. It’s sweet, yet relatively low in calories and fats. They are rich sources of minerals, vitamins and phytonutrients that immensely benefit health. These chestnuts can be mashed into pastes that can be served inside rice cakes or on top of pastries.

Product 06:

Rice Crackers w/ Seaweed Seasoning

Brand: Nongshim
Type: #rice crackers #seaweed flavor
Amount: 50 g
Total Calorie: 230 kcal
Collectors will receive 1 bag

These rice chips are known as the Korean tortilla chips. With a shape similar to a tortilla chip, it looks like it’s made to dip on something. But don’t think about dipping it anywhere, the seaweed flavored seasoning gives it a great flavor to be munched alone.

Product 07:

Watermelon Jelly Candy

Brand: Lotte
Usage: #jelly #chewable
Size: 56 g
Total Calorie: 200 kcal
Collectors will randomly 1

The flavor of watermelon seemed to be the trend all throughout the summer this year here in Korea. The real translation for this snack is supposed to be ‘Watermelon Ice Bar Jelly’, taking after the watermelon popsicle that helped beat this year’s heat.

Product 08:

Sunflower Seeds (Chocolate Covered)

Brand: Lotte
Type: #sunflower seeds #chocolate
Amount: 39 g
Total Calories:155 kcal
Collectors will receive 1

They are roasted sunflower seeds covered in chocolate. This snack has been around for a very long time in Korea and still remains to be popular. The small size, makes it perfect for someone who’s not totally hungry, but have the craving for munching on something sweet and nutty.

Bonus Product:

End Taft Toothbrush

Brand: Wedent
Type: #toothbrush #hygiene
Length: 17 cm
Comes in three different colors (navy blue, sky blue, pink) Collectors will randomly  receive 1

Cookies, seaweeds, jelly, etc; this collection is full of snacks that are prone to get stuck in your teeth. The End Tuft Toothbrush is specially designed for special dental maintenance concerns. The small brush head helps to get around the hard to reach places where chunks of food may stick.

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