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Hangeul [한글] (sometimes spelled as Hangul) is the name of the  Korean alphabet and the official written language in Korea since the 15th century due to King Sejong’s royal proclamation during the Joseon era.  Every year on October 9th, Koreans celebrate Hangeul Day (한글날) as a national holiday to appreciate the birth of this original yet innovative invention that changed the course of this country’s history.

Today, Hangeul is not only applied as a functional system of written communication, but it is also appreciated for its aesthetics and visual style. Various products and designs inspired by Hangeul has a strong presence and highly valued in modern Korea.  This month, we at Hallyupedia would like to share something that’s exclusively celebrated here in Korea with all of our Collectors residing all across the world.

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King Sejong: Inventor of Hangeul | Due to his influence in Korean history, King Sejong’s presence is still prevalent through his portrayals in media and pop culture.

Hangeul (한글) can be styled in various ways from traditional print, artistic calligraphy to more abstract and modern forms of expressions.

Today Hangeul is not just considered a written language but it is highly valued for it’s design aesthetics and visual style. Products and designs that are inspired by Hangeul range from lifestyle goods, home decor, stationeries, to even high-end art pieces that are displayed in museums.

Product 01:

Hangeul Alphabet Initial Stickers

Brand: Petit StickerNara (쁘띠스티커나라)
Amount: 9 x 17 cm
Collectors will receive 1 sheet

We bring you again another product from StickerNara (2017 Jan Collection). This bold stroked hangeul initial sticker is a colorful 3D embossed decorating item. Label your stuff with your name spelled out in Korean. It’s perfect for decorating your diaries, calendars, stationeries and other belonging with a touch of personality. If you want to reuse and redecorate, it’s easily detachable as well.

Product 02:

Hangeul Illustration Postcards

Designer: Jinaon (website)
Size: 12 x 17 cm
14 different variations | Collectors will randomly receive 2

These illustrated postcards are designed by an independent Korean designer. The abstract illustrations portray Korean traditional culture based on the Korean consonants (ㄱㄴㄷㄹㅁㅂㅅㅇㅈㅊㅋㅌㅍㅎ). Can you see it? All 14 consonants are visually allegorized with images representing a certain aspect of Korean culture or history. English explanations are provided in each postcard.

Product 03:

Hangeul Eyewear Stationery Set

Brand: Sandolltium (산돌티움)
Size: ㅎeyeglass frames (39.8 x 6.5 cm) + face card (13 x 16.6cm) + envelope (14.5 x 9 cm) + seal sticker (4 x 4 cm)
Set Include: ㅎeyeglass frames (x1) + face card (x1) + envelope (x1) + seal sticker (x1) | Collectors will receive 1 set

The ㅎshaped eyeglass frame can be detached from the card to be worn as an actual eyewear. You can wear these to make funny faces and take selfies like a lot of Koreans couples or friends do. Give your friend a smiling card. Yes! It looks ridiculous but at least it gives a smile to the ones dear to you.

Product 04:

Hangeul Mini Towel

Brand: G-Sol (지솔타올)
Size: 40 x 40 cm
3 different variations (blue, khaki, navy)
Collectors will randomly receive 1

Boldly decorated with Hangeul patterns, this high quality fabric mini towel is a worthy collectible item not just for its design but for its functionality as well. Mixed with cotton and rayon fabric, this product has fast absorbing power with antibacterial substance registered with the USA FDA (Food & Drug Administration). It’s known to maintain it’s antibacterial capabilities even after being wash for over a 100 times.

Product 05:

Korean Alphabet Keyboard Stickers

Brand: Coms (콤스)
Size: 8 x 21cm
Color: White

This month’s Hangeul Collection is more about the celebration and appreciation of a language rather than about the practical learning of its usage. However, it’s not a bad proposition to add one simple yet, practical learning tool. We live in an era where most of us spend more time typing than handwriting. So what could be more practical than learning to type in Hangeul? Stick these on your computer keyboard and advance your Korean typing skills.

Product 06:

King Sejong | Character 3D Puzzle

Brand: Scholas (스콜라스)
Packaging Size: 15 x 21 cm (2 sheets)
Assembled Model Size: 4.5 x 4.5 x 12.5 cm
Includes 23 Puzzle Pieces
Collectors will receive 1

King Sejong is the inventor of the Hangeul writing system back in the 15th century. Hangeul Day is a national celebration of Korea’s native writing system, but it is also a day of homage to honor this great historical figure’s regard for his people. Assemble the model by removing the pieces from the board and inserting each piece into the opening slits.

Product 07:

King Sejong + Hall of Hunminjeoneum | DIY 3D Puzzle

Brand: [Korea] Educational Broadcasting System (한국교육방공공사)
Packaging Size: 30 x 21 cm (2 sheets)
Assembled Diarama Size: 25 x 17 x 9 cm
Collectors will receive 1

Another DIY assembly kit dedicated to the great King Sejong, this model illustrates King Sejong in front of the hall of his palace demonstrating his invention to his people. Assemble by inserting the pieces into the opening holes or by combining the grooves. As a warning to our Collectors, since the puzzle pieces are delicate, please be gentle when removing the individual pieces from the board.

2017 October Collection

Hangeul Collection

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