The Hangeul calligraphy kit, includes all the necessary items for our collectors to experience authentic Korean calligraphy culture. Satisfy your curiosity to experience a more traditional side of Korean culture while practicing Hangeul, and a chance to experiment with your creativity. The Hangeul calligraphy kit is available for order at our Collection Store. Please continue reading for detailed product descriptions.

Product 01:

Calligraphy Pad

Material: Rice Paper & Silk
Usage: Calligraphy, Personal Scrapping
Brand: Buyoungsangsa
Size: 12cm x 17cm
Colors: blue, green, yellow, burgundy, beige (collectors will randomly receive 1)

The calligraphy pad is made with premium rice paper and mounted multiple times to prevent ink from bleeding through and remain resistant. The cover is finished off with a textured silk material. This pad does not have a bindered rim like a normal modern paperback book. Instead, the pages are attached back to back. Therefore, It is designed to resemble a folding screen rather than a flip through notebook. This is the medium where Collectors can practice their Hangeul and the calligraphy brush strokes simultaneously. You can even save it for different artistic project and personal use such as a conceptual scrap book, collection of your favorite quotes, or even as a personal photo album for your past or future trips to Korea. **Colors may vary**

Product 02:

Mini Scroll

Material: Rice Paper & Silk
Usage: Calligraphy, Art, Home Decor
Brand: Buyoungsangsa
Size: 15cm x 60cm (15cm x 30cm)

The mini scroll comes as is in the photo. It comes already assembled and ready to be hung on the wall. You can write your name in Hangeul, your favorite inspirational quote, or attach photos of your friends, family and loved ones. We look forward to see how creative our Collectors are. **Colors may vary**

Product 03:

Traditional Paper Fan

Material: Bamboo & Hanji Paper
Usage: Fan Art Canvas
Brand: Buyoungsangsa

  • Total length: 25cm
  • Paper canvas: 13 cm
This fan is made specifically for calligraphy crafting. The the stem is smoothened bamboo wood and the skin of the fan is made out of 100% pure hanji paper. One idea we can offer is practice writing your name in Hangeul on the calligraphy pad (included in the Feb Collection) and when you feel as if you got the strokes and visual composition that you like, go for the fan. If you received our January Collection from last month, you can apply stickers as well. Go crazy and decorate as you like!

Product 04:

Fan Pedestal

Material: Hardwood
Usage: Home decor
Brand: Buyoungsangsa
Size: 14.5cm x 7cm

If you choose to write or decorate your fan, you’ll need a place to set it and have it displayed. That’s why we included this fan pedestal to help you show off your masterpiece. Have it displayed in your bedroom, livingroom, or even at your office.

Slightly split the stem of the fan and carefully fit the fan into the pedestal until it holds. and after you decorate you’ll need a place to set it where it sits up straight and proud. Caution: When placing the fan on the pedestal, please avoid pressing too hard for it may damage your fan.

Product 05:

Calligraphy Ink

Ingredient Material: India inkstick extract, carbon & gelatin
Brand: Buyoungsangsa
Size: 250 ml
Direction: Store in room temperature

This calligraphy ink is formulated and manufactured by Buyoungsangsa is widely used amongst beginning learners of Korean calligraphy. Their products have been used for many years by prestigious craftsman in the world of literary art painting. The company produces ink with their own unique methods of mixing adhesive gelatin properties to maintain consistency for each line and stroke.

It creates beautiful bold strokes while applying control to prevent spreading of the ink on paper.

The the ink is a dark earthen tone lying somewhere between black and dark brown to express sheen natural color palette.

Product 05: (1/7)

Calligraphy Brush

Brush Head Material: Synthetic Imitation Wool
Brush Body Material: Bamboo
Usage: Calligraphy & Brush Art
Brand: Buyoungsangsa

  • Body:20cm
  • Brush Head: diameter (5.0mm) x length (20mm)

This brush is recommended for beginners of Hangeul calligraphy in terms of both size and type. The following will provide usage and care tips to keep your brush in lasting condition. 

Before use:

  1. Wash off the agar chemical, which was applied to harden the brush.
  2. Soak it in lukewarm water for approximately 10 minutes for the brush to harden.
  3. Afterwards, wash off with running water until all adhesive properties are removed.

After use care:

  1. By using running water, use your thumb and index finger to rinse the ink until water is clear. Removing all ink will preserve your brush for longer lasting use.
  2. After rinsing use a dry tissue and add slight pressure to squeeze out the water. Make sure your brush head is pointed straight while drying. Do not bend brush head or pull brush hair. It may cause damage.
  3. Place your brush in a cool dry place. Avoid direct sunlight.


  1. The Calligraphy ink contains agar, gelatin and adhesive properties. Make sure all ink is washed out in order to prevent damage to the brush
  2. Do not use any type of soaps to clean the brush. The properties in soaps may dissolve or weaken the coated layer applied to the brush and you may not see smooth strokes during future use.
  3. Like all arts and crafts, it is best to wash your hand after use.

Product 05: (2/7)

Monami Brush Pen Set

(Brush Pen + Drawing Pen + Ultra Slender Pen)
Usage: Calligraphy, Art, Drawing
Brand: Monami

Brush calligraphy might sound fun and exciting, but if you’ve never held a brush in your life then Korean calligraphy might sound scary and intimidating. Does that sound like you? That’s why we’ve also included the Monami trio pen brush set for our Collectors who need baby steps before picking up the brush and make an attempt for pad or scroll. Although the actual feel of the pen brush and the actual brush aren’t exactly the same, it’s pretty close. Also the brush pen is great for light calligraphy work when you step outside of the personal space of your own home. You’re able to skip the hassles of carrying the ink bottle, washing and drying the brushes. The 3 brush pens have different thickness/thinness of the strokes, so you can use it for various purposes, like illustration illustration drawing, writing cards, etc.

Product 05: (3/7)

Calli Calli Fountain Pen

Usage: Romanized Calligraphy
Brand: Morning Glory
Size: 14.5cm

Bonus item for this month! Although this month’s theme revolves entirely around Korean calligraphy, there’s a little something extra just in case there are Collectors who have very little interest in Korean calligraphy and who have preference for Western Romanized calligraphy. It’s from Morning Glory and it comes with 6 refills of ink. It’s a perfect item for those who received our previous collection. Use this pen to design and decorate your daily diary planner and calendars with elegant calligraphic fonts for memos and schedule heading.

2017 February Collection

Korean Calligraphy Kit

Price:  $48.00 (USD)

The Korean Calligraphy Kit is available for purchase at the Hallyupedia Collections Store.

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