It’s the lunar new year holiday here in Korea and this year is the ‘year of the rooster’. Our team at Hallyupedia did some research and collected data prior to the holiday in order to put together a fun chronological timeline of some famous Korean birthdays— titled ” Famous Koreans Born in the Year of the Rooster.” 

We were surprised to discover that so many prestigious Hallyu stars were roosters —Song Hyekyo, Jeon Jihyun, Jo Insung , D.O (from EXO), Taemin (from Shinee), Luna (from f(x)), even the CEO of YG himself and the list goes on.

But before scrolling through there’s one thing we would like to convey. We made all efforts to aggregate as much data as possible, however it is nearly impossible to collect literally every single famous Korean birthdays ever. So the public figures you see are a good sample of faces that would be recognized on a mainstream scale here in South Korea. If you feel as we’ve missed someone, please feel free to share on our Facebook page. Otherwise hope you enjoy!