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I hope you’re enjoying Line Friends Collections by Hallyupedia Collections. As a super geeky Line Friends fan, I’d like to take the time in this post to run through the odd chronological order of the Line family release. Not many people are aware of the fact that LINE Friends characters were created at different times.

First off, out of the four original LINE friends characters (Brown, Cony, James and Moon) Brown was NOT the first to be created, contrary to popular belief. The title of the first child actually goes to Moon. Eventually, Brown, Cony and James followed after Moon in 2011 as emoticons that became an immediate hit due to the capture of various vivid emotions and cute aesthetics.

Naver Line Corp. decided to extend the LINE Friends family with Boss, Jessica and Sally in 2013. The following year in 2014, Leonard and Edward were introduced through new mediums such as animations and physical merchandises.In 2016, Naver Line gave life to Choco (the younger sister of Brown) and Pangyo (Choco’s boyfriend) to celebrate the brand’s 5th anniversary.

Yes! The family has gotten quite big over the years, yet not everyone is aware of these late comers. For those who are not familiar with the characters beyond the ‘original four’ I’ve compiled a brief profile of the characters to help you extend your knowledge and follow my steps in becoming a LINE geek.

The complete family


The Troublemaker

Ever wondered what he is? Moon is basically a naked alien (hence the name ‘Moon’) with no ears. Although he is the first of the LINE family, he comes with some controversies due to his nudity and sexual deviousness. In the animation version he’s portrayed as a porn addict. But guys, let’s not take it too seriously 😉


The Big Sister

Pronounced as ‘CONE-E’ (like as an ice cream cone), she is illustrated as a white female rabbit who’s matched up with Brown (romantically) and Jessica (as BFFs). Even though she does come off quite stubborn with a temper, in the animation she does possess leadership qualities and takes on the role of a big sister figure.


The Cute Bear

I guess he’s the most popular character amongst the LINE Friends franchise. He is Cony’s husband, BFFs with Moon, and the big brother of Choco. Brown appears to be quite silent, enough for the audience to question his presence, but remember that he is a bear. Bears are deadly when upset.


The Narcissist

A total blond narcissist, who’s so deeply into himself. He loves to take care of his looks, his hair and most of all he is crazy about girls. Although he has one of those dumb-blond vibe to him he’s still an important companion to Boss and close friends with Moon and Brown.


The Eldest

Boss is the bald, beer-bellied, middle aged man who many claims is the most human looking character amongst the LINE Friends cast. In the animation he’s often partnered with James to overcome obstacles and challenges in life. He looks conservative but he’s very nice and gentle to the other members.


The Trendy Girl

Choco is a female bear, as well as the younger sister of Brown and girlfriend to Pangyo (the panda bear). She loves shop for trendy clothes and take selfies and post them on social media. Choco has stirred some controversy for she resembles Hello Kitty in some ways.


The Elegant Cat

Jessica is a black and white cat, who’s known to be trendy and elegant. She is best friends with Choco. There was even an episode where Choco tried to imitate everything Jessica does (fashion, food, behavior, everything). She might have a strong influence over Choco but her presence amongst the cast seems to be weak.


The Tech Geek

Pangyo is a panda bear and also the Choco’s boyfriend. He has an easygoing personality but sort of a tech geek who’s so obsessed with tech and gadgets that he hardly takes notice of anything else. He’s also characterized as a photographer who loves to take photos as a hobby. Not really a major character.


The Romanticist

Leonard might look like a frog and technically he is one, but he’s more of something that’s between a tadpole and a frog, but never seem to advance to a full grown frog. He is a minor character that has no significant role in midst the rest of the cast, but still portrayed to be romantic and sentimental. He is the youngest.


Naive yet Cunning

Sally is a chick who never see to fully develop into a chicken. She might come off as gullible, but she’s actually really clever. In the animation, Sally is seem giving suggestions and advice to many of the major characters in the cast.


The Adventurous One

Edward is a green cabbage caterpillar. Just like Brown, Edward has no voice and is featured as a mute. He has very minor role amongst the LINE Friends characters and rarely makes any appearance. He is the smallest in terms of size.

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