It’s ‘Ramyeon’… NOT ‘Ramen’…

Many believe that Korean food consists of traditional recipes and ingredients that have been passed down for generations throughout history. Well, not always. (Not to be confused with the Japanese term ‘ramen'[ラーメン]) Korean ‘ramyeon’ [라면] has a very vital presence in South Korea’s  instant food consumption culture. As a matter of fact, Koreans consume the most instant noodles IN THE WORLD with brands like Nongshim and Ottogi dominating the market.

Due to it’s deep ingraining in modern Koreans daily lives, this fast consuming culture of instant noodles is clearly reflected in Korean media and popular culture. Would you be able to count how many ramyeon scenes there were in how many different K-dramas? Too many right? Since the beginning of the country’s modernizing history, the visualization of packaged ramyeon boiling inside this golden yellow aluminum pot has been an inseparable icon of comfort food for the Korean people.

Whether its a commercials, an episode from a drama or a  live streaming of a meokbang, the consumption of rameyon can be seen all throughout Korean media.

Today if you were to visit a Korean supermarket in Seoul, there are literally countless brands of ramyeon with various types and flavors that cater to the diversifying taste palettes of both Koreans and non-Koreans. And to add to this, there are always new line of products launching every year. Which means the choices that are available to Korean consumers will always be increasing year by year. Yes! South Korea is instant noodle heaven.

Ramyeon War | Product shots of different sorts and types of Korean ramyeon that’s available in the domestic market.

Korean ramyeon brands do exist in other countries, but the choices are limiting. The endless choices of ramyeon, which only locals have the privilege of experiencing, aren’t available to our Collectors residing outside of Korea. Therefore we at Hallyupedia Collections decided to assemble some underrated ramyeons for our Collectors to try.

We included 3 different types of ramyeon (mild soup, spicy soup, and soupless) with an aluminum pot and a set of spoon and chopsticks. We’ll conclude the posting with a video of Jiyeon from Kpop girl group  T-ara sharing her know-how for prepping a packaged ramyeon as the locals would do. The Korean Ramyeon Collection Set is available at our Hallyupedia Collection Store. Enjoy!

Product 01:

Dressing Noodle

Brand: Nongshim
Calories: 385 kcal
Spiciess: mild
Collectors will receive 1

This is a soupless products. Chop some veggies to create an oriental dressing noodle salad. Suggested ingredients are: cucumbers, carrots, tomatoes, and romaine lettuce.

Product 02:


Brand: Ottogi (오뚜기)
Calories: 485 kcal
Spiciess: mild
Collectors will receive 1

This product has been voted as the best ramyeon to add rice in. It’s mild beef broth based soup is suitable for those who prefer a non-spicy flavor.

Product 03:

Veggie Ramyeon

Brand: Nongshim (농심)
Calories: 350 kcal
Spiciess: spicy
Collectors will receive 1

Although this is a vegetarian friendly product, we’d like to warn out Collectors that it has a bit of a spicy kick to it.

Product 04:

Bamboo Spoon and Chopstick Set

Material: Bamboo
Size Length: 23cm (spoon), 24cm (chopsticks)
Collectors will receive 1 set

A pair of wooden spoon and chopstick set is added to the collection to complete the Korean ramyeon aesthetic.

Product 05:

Korean Ramyeon Pot

Material: Nickel Silver Aluminum
Size: 16cm
Collectors will receive 1

Koreans widely use this type of pot to cook broth based meals because the material enables faster heating and speeds up cooking time. It can get hot really fast, so please be cautious when using it.

Product 06:

Peppero (Original)

Brand: Lotte (롯데)
Calories: 220
Collectors will receive 1

Koreans celebrate Peppero Day once every year (11/11). People exchange a box of Peppero to show their affection. Think of as a Korea’s native equivalent to the Western Valentines Day.

2017 November Collection:

Korean Ramyeon (Instant Noodle) Set

Price: $48.00 (USD)
The Ramyeon Collection is available for purchase at the Hallyupedia Collections Store.

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