From Youtube to Korea: Margarita

Just like the tens of thousands of internet surfers out there, I first got to know of Margarita when I came across one of her Youtube videos. To expose a bit about myself, I’m a big fan of Younha #윤하 and always been listening to her songs ever since she made her official debut in Korea. My first encounter of Margarita was when I discovered a video of her covering the Japanese version of one of Younha’s early songs “Hyeseong” (‘혜성’) or otherwise known as “Houki Boshi,” (Bleach OST). It was beautifully done. Since then I’ve been a subscriber of Margarita’s channel. (Houki Boshi/cover by Margarita)

Margarita is a Youtube vlogger based in London. As a Youtuber with over 90K subscribers and nearly reaching 7 million total views on her channel, the labeling of a mere online vlogger would come nowhere near to what she is all about. Passionate would be an understatement—for she is many things. She is a university student majoring in marketing, a singer, a dancer, an artist, a mountaineer, a community organizer, a multilingual language enthusiast, and she’s a fellow lover of Korean culture where she claims that she “breathe[s] Korea.”

These multi-faceted aspects of her identity is definitely evident through her social media channels. Although a great deal of her videos reflect her world and love of everything Korea (from K-pop covers to K-drama reviews) she herself comes from a culturally diverse background as a Russian-Israeli (who currently resides in the UK). She speaks at least four languages and she sings various cover songs. Independent of national and ethnical boundaries, Margarita is truly a global citizen who possesses all the ideal attributes of our generation.

I reached out to Margarita a week before Seollal (the lunar new year), to see if she would be willing to share our brand with her viewers and followers. We planned a giveaway offer, so if any of you are interested in being the lucky winner of this giveaway watch her unboxing video and she will explain the rules and guides in full detail [**Giveaway Closed].

What draws my attention to her is that I’m not aware of many individual Youtubers who are sharing Korean language lessons consistently besides Margarita. Due to a trending demand in Korean language studies, it’s apparent there are lots of other content produced by publications and Korean language institutes. But she is an individual video vlogger who’s language tip videos are posted as a method of satisfying her own curiosity, yet maintaining consistency and a level of quality and accuracy. Let alone sharing weekly bite-sized Korean language content, Margarita is organizing an interactive Korean language workshop called “Koreathon,” which I have strong assurance that it will be highly engaging and informative. These workshops will begin sometime next month (Feb) and tickets are available for purchase at (For curriculum descriptions and further information, refer to the video link)


What an ambitious young lady! Margarita’s die-hard commitment towards the organizing of ‘Koreathon” makes me reflect how I spent my time during my university years—with conviction. Amidst this growing interest for knowing and learning more about Korea and its language all across the world, Margarita is truly a cherished and valuable member of this ever so growing global community of K-culture aficionados.

Thanks Margarita~

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