The weather is warming up and the cherry blossoms are blooming here in Korea. It’s so lovely, we wish all our collectors could just see and experience this grace of pink waves flowing through Korean skies for themselves.

Fortunately some of you may live in parts of the world where it’s warm and pleasant all year around. However here in Korea, the winter temperatures are cruel and harsh. So when the cherry trees bloom to announce the coming of spring, Koreans never take it for granted. It’s very widely celebrated with various outdoor activities and festivals.

Because this beautiful gift of nature is celebrated enthusiastically by Koreans, it’s very common to see the themes of cherry blossoms being incorporated into various products and visuals in popular culture. If you’re a fan of K-pop or K-drama, we guarantee you’ll see cherry blossoms used as props or as backdrop scenes. Coffee shops and bars all across the country will serve various cherry blossom flavored drinks. Beauty brands will launch products with cherry blossom scents and extracts. Also, pink seems to always win over as the trendy seasonal color regardless of one’s gender.

The 2017 April Cherry Blossom Kit is curated for our Collectors, who reside oceans away, to acquire a little taste of this seasonal phenomenon. However we hope you would all be able to encounter the allure and captivation of Korean cherry blossom scenes first hand someday.

The Cherry Blossom Kit is available for order at our Collection Store.

Product 01:

Minature Crystal Cherry Blossom

Brand: Kokiri Bob (코끼리밥)
Usage: #Toy #DIY #Minature Figurine #Decor
Material: Cotton/ Polyester
Size: 11cm height

Cherry Blossom trees exist only in certain regions across the world depending on the weather and temperature. It’s more prevalent in places where residents can encounter all four seasons like South Korea. We know that many of our Collectors are not able to witness the blooming of cherry trees. That’s why we’ve included this DIY “Grow-Your-Own” cherry tree kit, which you can grow without leaving your own room. (English instructions are included)

The assemblies in the packaging include a paper tree, a round plate, magic water and dropper (called a pipet).

  1. Fit the intersects of the tree to the base of the round plate. Evenly spread the branches of the intersect.
  2. Pour the magic water liquid into the round plate.
  3. Use the dropper to draw in the liquid.
  4. Evenly drop the magic water liquid all throughout the branches. For best results all areas of the paper tree should be wet.
  5. Place the tree in room temperature and it will start growing after 3-4 hours. You must wait 12 hours for it to completely grow.

Product 02:

Cherry Blossom Latte Mix

Brand: TACO (타코)
Usage: #Drink #Beverage
Material: White Chocolate Powder & Cherry Blossom Scent
Amount: 870 grams

**Collectors will receive 1

As mentioned above, April is the time of the year when one will find all types and sorts of cherry blossom flavored commercial drinks and beverages. When walking into coffee shops, there will be ads and posters promoting the launch of spring beverages such as Cherry Blossom Latte and Cherry Blossom White Chocolate Fraps. All our Collectors will now be able to experience this taste with the Latte mix by TACO included in the collection box. If you have no idea what to do with this, we have a separate blog post with various recipes and instructions.

Product 03:

Cherry Blossom Tea

Brand: Dokebi Tea House (도깨비찾집)
Usage: #Drink #Beverage
Size: 5 grams (10 tea bags)

**Collectors will receive 1

Cherry blossoms aren’t just looked at because it’s pretty, but Korean it’s also consumed as tea due to it’s health benefits. Koreans call this beotkkot-cha (벚꽃차), also known as cherry blossom tea. Beotkkot-cha is rich in anti-oxidants and fatty acids, which promotes skin cell regeneration and prevents inflammation. As a result, cherry blossoms aren’t just added in food, but applied as a beauty remedy—which brings up our next item in the April collection~~

Product 04:

Jeju Cherry Blossom Lifting Mask

Brand: FRUIT NARA (과일나라)
Usage: #Beauty #Skincare
Key Ingredients: Trylagen & cherry blossom extracts,
Amount: 25ml

**Collectors will receive 5 sheets

Jeju Island is the mecca of the most fresh, raw and organic ingredients, which is why skincare products with Jeju ingredients are highly reputable and very much trusted amongst Korean beauty gurus. Therefore, we are thrilled to introduce this new brand to our Hallyupedia Collectors called Gwailnara or Fruit Nara. This company is smaller in scale compared to big brands like Nature Republic and Innis Free, but they still compete by incorporating a lot of top quality natural extracts from Jeju Island. This mask is composed of cherry blossom extracts and trylagen, which combine to promote skin regeneration and firming of your skin. Best for prevention of uneven skin texture, fine lines and wrinkles.

Product 05:

Cherry Blossom Sticky Leaf Memo

Brand: Appree
Usage: #Stationeries #Memo
Material: Paper
Color: Pink


  • Flower Shape Stickies (x2): 60mm x 60mm
  • Leaf Shape Stickies (x2) : 21mm x 31 mm
  • 20 sheets each (x 4) = 80 sticky sheets

**Collectors will receive 1

We all have it one somewhere in our desk or drawer. The squared yellow sticky notes, which helps us by reminding our daily tasks. Many Koreans feel  that applying these blossoms on your monitor screen, refrigerator, and desk to inspirit one’s personal space is very therapeutic. It doesn’t always have to be for office use. Let’s celebrate spring by getting creative. Try decorating your wall, mirror or any empty blank space to create a brighter spring ambience to your surrounding.

Bonus Product:

Cherry Blossom Hand Cream

Brand: Nature Republic
Usage: #Beauty #Hand Care
Key Ingredients: Shea butter, aloe compounds, and artificial cherry blossom scenting
Size: 30ml (x2)

**Collectors will receive 2

Remember last month’s collection. We included 2 hand creams of random scents by Nature Republic. This cherry blossom hand cream belongs in the same product line. There were plenty of fruity and sweet scents. Just add this to your collection and have it ready when you’re feeling for a more floral and cleaner scent.

2017 April Collection

Cherry Blossom Kit

Price:  $48.00 (USD)

The Cherry Blossom Kit is available for purchase at the Hallyupedia Collections Store.

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